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2004 Snow in Glendale AZ
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If you enjoy your time spent at Raphael's Village, please consider making a donation to keep us up and running.


Announcing The Raphael's Village Independence Day Contest!

General NewsYes, it's true -- it's time for our next Raphael's Village contest. Again, with no entry fee, but also again with prizes!

This time, we have four categories -- Poetry, Humor, Short Fiction, and Short Narrative Nonfiction -- all with the same theme: Independence Day. That's about it -- our only parameters are the line or word counts. Other than that, amaze us with your take on those two words. Funny, scary, fictional, slice-of-life, fantastic, scientific, patriotic, pro, anti, real -- whatever that phrase conjures up in your writer's mind, we want to see it.


We're taking entries from now until Sunday, June 21st. Winners will be announced on the site on Saturday, July 4th. (Yes, we're being American-centric in terms of our contest dates. The Editors are Americans. So sue us. Or, better yet, if you're not an American, give us YOUR take on what Independence Day means to YOU. Non-American entries encouraged and desired, too, you know.)


No limits on number of entries, but each entry must be submitted separately.

Poetry Parameters:
At least 4 but no more than 32 lines

Humor, Short Fiction, and Short Narrative Nonfiction Parameters:
3,000 words or less


1. If you're not already registered with Raphael's Village, please do that first. (We really mean it. Register. It's free, it's easy, and that way we know it's you and not some horrid spammer trying to sell us all worthless 'medications'.)

2. Once registered and confirmation is received, please submit your entry to the site, as if you were doing a regular submission BUT please put "Independence Day Contest Entry" in the subject line. (Again, we really mean it. Submit it like it's a regular old submission. We'll know it's a contest entry if you cleverly follow the instructions and put "Contest Entry" in the subject line.)

3. Do your best to submit to the appropriate forum -- Quiety Contemplations/Poetry, Healing with Humor/Humor, The NEW New Curiosity Shoppe/Short Fiction and Short Narrative Nonfiction. If you guessed wrong, or we think it fits somewhere else, we'll move it and advise you.

4. What you're entering -- poem, short story, humor piece, or narrative non-ficion -- should be identified first, in the body of your submission, before your piece begins.
Independence Day Contest Entry -- Humor
There once was a young lady from Kent...

(Please do this. Despite everyone actually submitting to the right forums without error for our prior contest, we found it more confusing on the judging side than we'd expected, which is why we have both Rule #3 and this rule, Rule #4. Make it easy on those of us reading a lot of great stuff.)

5. If you don't receive a confirmation email from us within two weeks of your entry's submission, please send an inquiry email to fictioneditor@raphaelsvillage.com. Include your name, your RV user's name, and the title of your submission.

6. Please DO NOT send your entries to the Fiction Editor -- or any other RV Editor -- directly. We want all our entries submitted directly to the site. We're copied on your entries when you submit them to the site -- the site is not copied on your entries when they're sent directly to the editorial team. This means that, should the Fiction Editor exerience computer problems (which happens a LOT), your entry will be lost. We will be sad, but your entry will be gone, meaning you will be sadder.

We'd also like to take this moment to mention that while the Webmaster is a great guy, he's not an editor and he can't actually help you in any way with your entry, other than to share with an editor that you didn't actually submit it to the site as requested. The Webmaster is also a forgetful, mad scientist type, and the real possibility exists that he will forget to advise an editor that you sent him your contest submission instead of following the simple rules of submitting it to the site. He will be sad, once you send that inquiry note to the Fiction Editor, but your entry will be gone, meaning you will be sadder.

7. The only time the Fiction Editor wants you to send a direct email regarding the contest is if your entry has been previously published and/or has been a previous contest winner somewhere else. We'll want to know when, where, if the rights have reverted back to you, and so forth. And, while we're open to considering an already published piece, wouldn't you like to show off and write something new, so you have another winner on your resume? We thought you would.

That's it. We're looking forward to seeing what our contributors -- old and new -- give us with this one. Best of luck to all the entrants, and let's be writers out there!


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